Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home folks

I am not originally from Canada and it is obvious to people from my own country that come into the library. They feel at home seeing me ( I guess) and I like to see them too. But it gets a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

The other day there was a lad from the same city that I am from. He asked me if I was from this city and started to chat. Problem is he always wants to speak in our native language. I am working. It doesn't look professional to chat with someone in my own language when I am on desk. So I responded to all his questions in English. I don't think he got it. After a couple of days he still tries to talk to me in our language. I am persistant though!

When I am working I don't want to socialize. Speak to me in the language of the land. At least give it a try! Only exception when I will speak in the other languages known to me is if the patron has difficulty communicating in English (or absolutely cannot speak it).

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I am not responsible

I overheard a conversation my colleague was having with her patron.

The patron wanted to use our computer. In our library patrons require a library card to log into public computers. She didn’t have a card. My colleague asked her to go to the circulation desk (about 5 feet away) to get herself a temporary card. To do this, a patron needs to offer a valid piece of identification which will be held at the circulation desk until the patron returns the card. But this patron wouldn’t budge. She came up with an excellent excuse though: “I am not responsible enough.”

Vow! Since she isn’t responsible enough she won’t take a temporary card from us. We had to set her up with one of our guest cards which we use for emergency purposes. I guess being irresponsible could be considered an emergency. I am glad my 8 year old didn’t overhear this conversation or he would use it too.

What is more amazing is that, when I looked up I noticed she was wearing a nurses’ uniform! God help us!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Anything else I can do for you.....?

Incidents happen when you are on desk. Some are funny, some make you think, some are annoying. This was just funny.

An older lady came to the library. She comes often enough that she knows me and comes directly to me for help. She had a paper (torn off a magazine) which had information on how to enter a contest. She could win a purse and she desperately needed one (she said!)

I logged into the site for her but alas! the site required* an email identification from person. Our lady didn’t have one. So she suggested that I provide my email and then call her if she (I) win(s). How is that for customer service? I had to politely reject that suggestion. Any thing else I can do for you……?