Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Behave!

There are certain things to remember when you are in public or are dealing largely with public. Not everyone who comes in is clean.

Kids sneeze on their hands and pick up their library card with the same hand and pass it to you. Understandable! They are just kids! But it is gross when adults do it. They lick their finger so they can manage paper easily and then you get to touch it. They sneeze on their clothes and the books they want to borrow and then you get to handle it. Some don’t even pretend to wipe their hands.

It is really awful when a parent decides he/she cannot possibly take the time to take her child in diapers that absolutely needs a change to the washroom. They are too busy browsing – their life must depend on it. I love working with the public but I do not want to smell dirty diapers – No thank you!

On the other hand you have some with heavy perfumes or body lotions you just want to faint.

Hey public! you wouldn’t like it if a staff looked dirty or smelt strongly of anything. Please be kind to us too. We handle a lot of you in any given day.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Patrons who make your day

Depending on whether you work in a public library, school library, college or University library your day could be made or ruined by patrons. In an educational setting usually students are well behaved. They don't get annoyed that you don't carry an item they need right now. They just wallow in disappointment and walk away unhappy. But in a public library setting, quite often if not always, patrons demand help. It is their tax money that keeps us running and pays our bills. There is a sense of "You owe me."

Once in a while you are lucky to have a wonderful patron come by just to make your day. I served a patron who was in her late 70s. I wish I could be half as active as her when I am her age. She was in to find about books on water color. She was taking courses on this subject. She also mentioned she has come to the library in her scooter. She just bought one and has learnt how to drive. Is she amazing or what?

I have a lot of ideas as to what I would do when I retire. Will I really be as practical as this lady whom I just met? Or is it just going to be ideas in the back of my mind.

Hats off to you lady and people like you who thrive on being active and learning new things.