Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Governor General

One perk about being in an academic setting - you get to meet big shots. Our Governor General Michaelle Jean was on a tour of the province and she stopped by for a visit on campus. Of course I had to go even though I had a busy day of meetings. She was on time and from her body language and speech, she seemed like a very warm, friendly person.

One of our colleagues had a chance to talk to her. Her Excellency was talking to a student and my colleague who happens to know this student really well asked her to tell him not to smoke anymore. Her Excellency obliged by expressing shock that he was smoking and asked him to quit asap - very politely of course. I thought that was a nice touch - a motherly side of her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Job at University

It'll be a month (tomorrow) since I started this new job and it is time to write. I love challenges and so I like my new job. It is very, very, very different from anything else I have done in a library but I would like to think I'll do well.

I don't have to sit at the reference desk or answer reference questions onlinephone. I don't teach, at least not yet. I don't have to worry about circulation. I had plenty of that at the public library which kept this blog amusing, at the very least, entertaining. Now I deal with vendors and negotiations. Most of my day is spent talking about access issues (or just questions I have), filing away renewal notices, journal vouchers, bills, receipts, invoices, etc; making sure the right invoices get to the right people, everything on the excel sheet balances and can be accounted for and some more.

Since I have only been here for a month, a lot of my time has been spent meeting people and undergoing training sessions which I hope will wind down soon. Then I get to travel, first within the city and then outside - doing displays and promotions - and in spring I can choose to fly away to a conference some where.

Between these two I will be involved in some strategic planning. I am really looking forward to that too. Got to go find some books on that subject so I don't look too dumb while in action.