Saturday, January 20, 2007

Welcome to my Search Box

I have just come back from a short but wonderful holiday in India. Unfortunately I couldn’t get much done other than visiting family and friends. I would have loved to visit some libraries in Chennai, which is where I was staying most of the time.

I did visit Higginbothams, a well-known Chennai book store. It is one of the oldest bookstores in the city (1844). For information on this please check out this site:

Being a public librarian, I shopped here for books on Mehndi, embroidery, etc. so I can have some young adult programs at my branch.

On getting back to Canada, I have been trying to survive a snowstorm, get over the fact that my airline has lost a bag and has no knowledge of its whereabouts and find time to write. One of my achievements in January has been trying to find a way to add a search box in my blog. After hours of work (I don’t have html knowledge), I managed to do what I wanted.

Before adding a search box, I created a search roll using Rollyo. I wanted to create a search for librarians who are on the look out for jobs in the library field from all around the world. I added as many Web sites as I could find that have information on library jobs. Remember this is only a trial. Please feel free to use this search box and send me your comments. If you know of any important Web sites that will be useful for this search, do let me know about them.

I am also working on adding another search box using Google co-op in the future. So keep checking this blog.