Friday, January 06, 2006

The Electronic Paper

Here it is….

Here is the book of the future or at least an initial version of it. The one many kids have been waiting for. It is small, portable and easy to read.

I guess this means no more print! Or does it? For years there has been speculation whether print is permanent and many have cautiously suggested that a “paperless dream” might still turn into reality at some point. But it was all a matter of conjecture until now. As S.D. Neill predicted, if “in 2010 the full-scale colonization of space between the earth and the moon will begin” we cannot be hauling around huge print books and reference material. E-Pubs from Sony and similar devices that are yet to come into the market at a more affordable price are the answer?!

I get headaches if I constantly sit at the computer and read. But it could be the age. Maybe I need glasses. But if we can watch TV on our cell phone and read books and do so any time whether you are on a plane, at home or other places I don’t dare to think of right now, with devices such as E-Pubs, I wonder what optometrists might have to say when we go for the annual check-up! After all E-Pub allows for “immersive reading.”

Until I have something more to ramble about,