Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

This was sent to me by a colleague and it happened over the phone:

Patron: Hello
Coll: Hello, how may I help you?
Patron: There was oil spill in the gulf.
Coll: Yes
Patron: Then there was earthquake in Ottawa.
Coll: Yes
Patron: Is there a connection?
Coll: Um...
Patron: Look at a map and you will find a direct line running from Gulf to the East of Canada.
Coll: Okay!?
Patron: There is a connection.
Coll: I don't know.
Patron: Do you have a geologist on board?
Coll: This is a public library.
Patron: And you don't have a geologist on board?
Coll: No.
Patron: Thanks. (Hangs up)

We don't have enough librairans. Whatever makes patrons think we have subject specialists hanging around to help, I will never know.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Job

I haven't posted anything recently because I've been busy. I am starting a new job and will be moving into academia next month. Not sure what I'll post since there won't be public patrons.

I hope there is something for me to ramble about.