Monday, June 12, 2006

My Latest Job

To those of you following this blog, I apologize for not updating it. I have an excuse and a good one. I have found a full-time job.

I didn’t think it would happen so soon but I have found a job that is permanent, offers vacation time and pay and other benefits. It also offers me challenges :

 I collect Adult and Young Adult Hardcovers – Fiction and Non-Fiction. Now that is major challenge for one has to follow the collection development guidelines of the institution and watch the huge budget. As I work at one of the seven branches, the collection management is also a team effort.
 I manage 14 pages:
o I do their time sheets every 15 days so they can get paid on time
o I make up their monthly work schedules
o Answer day-to-day question
o Solve everyday issues such as absences, shift-trades, shelving procedures, etc.
 I do displays at the branch. In April I did a gardening display and increased the gardening books circulation. As June has Aboriginal and Multicultural Day in Canada, I have arranged for display of materials in those two areas.
 I plan, organize and conduct programs for young adults
 I go to schools and talk to them about our programs
 I work with the childrens’ librarian and the branch manager in solving staff problems, branch issues and arrange programming schedules
 I am on desk 15 hours a week, helping patrons and keeping in touch with the clientele that comes to this branch

Since there are so many different responsibilities in this position I haven’t fallen into a rut yet. I like being a manager and enjoy working with people. I am creative and love coming up with program ideas for young adults. I have to wait and see if they love them too.

What this job lacks for me is being able to find answers to challenging reference questions raised by patrons. I have not been able to get much of that. Most questions are about fiction authors and books. It is also interesting to note that not many public library patrons are into databases. At least, not in my branch anyway. I know our Main Library is very busy answering reference questions.

Well, I guess I can’t have it all. Or perhaps, not all at once. Patience!!!