Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Step Forward - Or Is It?

I just watched a video on Augmented Reality on the Common Craft Blog - a blog I follow regularly. This video got me thinking. With Google, people decided they didn't need libraries or librarians. With this, what will they say?

We as librarians know that the general mass doesn't know how to search efficiently or effectively, but.....hmmm.... they think they do.

But, what is the need for so much information anyway. These gadgets take away the decision making ability, the joy of looking up information, the adventure of venturing out, from us. Will the younger generation understand that? Or will they let their gadgets make decisions for them? How long will it be before you can point your glasses at a human being to decide weather he/she is your soul-mate (I hate that word).

I'm just another librarian rambling.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Education or Experience?

Patron wearing yellow tinted glasses and hooded jacket: When does the University close?
Me (no glasses or hood): For the day, for the semester or the year?
Patron: No, when does one finish University?
Me: Oh, a degree? It depends - could be 4 years or 6 years or longer.
Patron: Oh! (goes away)

3 minutes later:

Same Patron: Is education important?
Me: That is a very broad question and philosophical. Do you have a specific question about education? (remember he is hooded and has tinted glass - so I can't see much of him)
Patron: What about you? Was education important?
Me: Me, personally? Yes it was.
Patron: What about experience?
Me: Education adds more value to your experience and/or vice versa, atleast for me personally.
Patron: Oh, okay! (and walks away)

A few minutes later:

Same patron: I want to write an exam to show I would qualify for a degree.
Me: (not finding anything immediately) I'll give you the University's number and another College's number. Talk to people there.
Patron: (Reading what I wrote). What is this?
Me: That is the name of the University?
Patron: Is it here? In town?
Me: Yes.
Patron: Really?
Me: Really!
Patron: Hmmm... (and walks away)

Me: What was that all about??????? Was he serious? Was he testing me?

An Act or At

Patron: It won't give me an Act!!
Me: An Act! What Act are you looking for? (as in law)
Patron: It just won't give me an Act!!
Me: Was someone else help you find something? Can you tell me more?
Patron: I am on the computer typing my yahoo email ID. And I can't type the @ sign.
Me: Oh an "at." Let me come and help you.