Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mug Shot ID?

You won't believe what I got for ID today to log a patron on to the computers. His mugshot printed from the City's police website. Ha! Never a dull day.

It has his picture, his build, his eye colour, hair colour....etc. And it is probably as official an ID as far as ID's go.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Can you type?

Patron: Can you type?
Me: Yes.
Patron: I want a couple of pages typed.
Me: Sorry we don't offer that kind of service.
Patron: Why not?
Me: We are not in that business.
Patron: Well, I need this typed.
Me: I can set you up on a computer and you are welcome to type it. How many pages do you have?
Patron: Two. I am not good at typing.
Me: You will have an hour on the computer. That should be enough to type two pages.
Patron: Book me a computer for tomorrow.
Me: Sure.

Just glad this conversation didn't end up in an argument about what sort of services we should offer.