Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Leadership in Libraries: A focs on ethnic minority librarians

I managed to publish this book.  I worked with Chandos/Wood head Publishing which has now been bought by Elsevier. Check it out here: http://store.elsevier.com/product.jsp?isbn=9781843346586

It was published in 2012 and has received positive reviews - I am proud to say, if I may say so myself!!

Here is one from a Canadian Journal:  https://journal.lib.uoguelph.ca/index.php/perj/article/view/2696/2848#.UqeS9tJDuuI

Here is one from Australia:

The one from United States can be found through the Journal of Academic Librarianship, Vol. 39, Issue 5, pg. 439. 2013.

Hope you have had a chance to read this book.  If not yet, hope you will soon :)

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